The Best, Most Comfortable, Well Fitting Sports Bras

It’s 12:15 lunch time gym time, I open the door to my kickboxing class and a hot pink strappy, unsupportive sports bra is in my face. Beautiful, yes, functional, NO, and my debate on Sports Bra etiquette continues! As I move into the class I see the total opposite, a black, full coverage, sports bra that offers no style, no beauty yet is very functional.

I am always fascinated by the vast differences and styles and how some women seem to have body armor on while others barely cover. It has been a practice of mine to cover it up. I have never been interested in bearing all at the gym, nor do I mind if anyone else does. I find it interesting to watch the interactions of those looking…

Because so many different women like so many different sport bra styles, I have decided to investigate what makes a woman buy a particular sports bra. Whether it’s heat maximizing, purple, blue, strappy, zip up, push up or pull on, Sports Bras have taken a life of their own. Some have removable cups, some have wires for extra support, some can be worn as a bathing suit. No matter what the desire, it’s out there. Sport Bras have become so popular and comfortable, I find women wearing them even when they are not working out. They feel good, look good and are more durable than some of the flimsy lace bras of the past. To get through a day comfortably without falling out, having grooves left in the skin and being comfortable is invaluable to many.

Let’s talk favorites, recently I have found the number one choice is the zip front bra. Sort of sexy but so comfortable. It can be worn all day, it lifts, it looks good and can be worn alone, as a bathing suit. The crop top by Delfin Spa, the strappy cut out Dune Bra and Milla Bra by Cozy Orange, the Amanda top with built in bra by Free People. Coral pink, turquoise blue, purple and black. Beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

There are so many different brands styles and places to get these products it’s often overwhelming. I have found searching for specific names and colors help, and then bargain shopping. I never buy when I have to pay for shipping and love when I find sites that have specials, sales and promos all the time. I love the small websites because they seem to go out of the way to please.